“We have programs with a variety of brands across the industry to benefit our customers and allow for a point of differentiation on the shelf of our customers.”
Quote Matt
Matt Hauge – Potato & Onion Operation Manager

Our Preferred Programs

Tomato Program

We source tomatoes from over 100 different field and greenhouses in North America, sourcing product at the peak of its freshness.

Offering the most reputable brands, we are proud to carry the following programs: Tasti-Lee, Village Farms.

Organics Program

We have a full offering of organic produce to include both branded, well recognized labels as well as regional names. Our organics program gives you a comprehensive program to meet your consumer’s needs.

Our premium organic branded programs include: Earthbound Farms, Driscoll’s, and Glory Foods.

Berry Program

We have a berry program with consistent volume and quality from the leading brands - to include Driscoll’s.

Peak of the Market Partnership

As an exclusive distributor of Peak of the Market potatoes, we offer year-round availability with options for a variety of different pack sizes.

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